XTD-250KA Antenna-Mount TWTA, Ka-Band, 250W

Available Options

  • Linearizer
  • Harmonic Filter (0.3 dB output power reduction)
  • WR-34 Waveguide Output or Input
  • Alternate Frequency Coverage
  • Remote External Controller
  • 1:1, 1:2, 1:N Redundancy
  • Phase Combined

qlink twta antenna
  Model No. TWT / Flange Power, Watts Weight, pounds


XTD-400C400 / 350 55 
XTD-750C750 / 650 75 


XTD-150X150 / 125  
XTD-400X400 / 350 55 
XTD-750X750 / 650 75 


XTD-400KHE400 / 178 31 
XTD-400K400 / 350 52 
XTD-750KHE750 / 355 56 
XTD-750K750 / 650 75 
XTD-1250KHE1250 / 1120 81 
XTD-2000KHE2000 / 1770 85 
XTD-2500KHE2500 / 2200 200 


XTD-500DBS500 / 415 70 
XTD-750DBS750 / 650 70 
XTD-1500DBSHE1500 / 1280 85 


XTD-150Ka150 / 125 48 
XTD-175Ka175 / 145 48 
XTD-250Ka250 / (220/100) 48 
XTD-500Ka500 / (417/250) 58 
XTLIN-25/50/75Up to 75W linear /  30 typ 
XTLIN 25/50/75/100+Up to 110W linear /  30 to 38 


Please contact factory for information.


Please contact factory for information.
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XTD-250KA Antenna-Mount TWTA, Ka-Band, 250W

The XTD-250Ka series are compact, self contained antenna mount power amplifiers designed for low cost installation and long life. Cooling and monitor & control systems are all self contained within the amplifier. By combining the power supply and the RF components within the same amplifier case the need for external high voltage cables (required for split box designs) is eliminated. This highly compact unit typically weighs only 48 lbs. This series of amplifiers provides several methods of tube protection.

XTD-250KA Features

  • No Shelter Required
  • Variable Gain Control
  • Complete RS-232/422/485 Interface
  • Designed for Uplink and LMDS Applications

Due to Xicom’s unique power supply design less than 1 joule is stored in the power supply. A high frequency resonant conversion power supply is used that accepts a wide range of prime power (90 to 264 VAC).

The unit also features power factor correction circuitry that minimizes line current distortion and reduces the required volt-amps input. This amplifier has built-in waveguide switch control capability. This can be used in a 1:1 redundancy configuration. A single RS-485 cable can control two amplifiers and redundancy switch. The amplifiers are available with multiple options including redundant and phase combined system configurations, integral linearizers and harmonic filters. Remote external controllers are available to operate the HPA from a user selected location.

Service and Support

Xicom is known worldwide for high quality and state-of-the-art designs of our high power indoor and outdoor amplifier products. All Xicom products are supported 24/7 from service centers worldwide.

For more information about Xicom Technology and our wide range of products, please contact us by E-Mail or call us at +1 408-213-3000 (USA), in the EU at +(44) 1753-549-999, or in the Far East at +(65) 6325-1953.

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